While most people see the color black as being negative. Or dark. Or even gothic. Black can also be seen as classic and a mysterious color.

I know my mom used to think I wanted black curtain in my room because I don’t keep my stuff clean. Hahaha

But no. The color black can also be seen as bossy. Formal… elegant. Or can even portray a sign of authority or power…

Now imagine that color in your living room. Or even the bathroom. Black tiles look so sexy in the bathroom making you wanna look at them all day…Unless that’s just me. Hmmm

The color black may make a room look too dark for some. But I feel like that can be the no kids zone room. Where you can decorate the room particularly the living room wait expensive art and antiques.

You may also always brighten up with room with a black or metallic finish either embroiled in the furniture itself or in the deco.

Black is quiet peaceful for some. Notice how you sleep better when the room is dark compared to when the room has too much light…just a thought. 🤔

Add bright white sky lights to a room and viola. STill have the black room. But can still see other lol

Take a look at some ideas on how black can be interpreted in your home.

Have you ever seen Kris Kardashian bathroom.

The pics I have are as follows :

The color black to me is like an aging Wiskey. Never gets old. It just demands appreciation 🖤

Guest blog by : Sinalo The Snailz