Bella Bathrooms & Tiles(Youtube Video)

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This past weekend was fun, I got to go to Bella Bathrooms it was a lovely experience. All footage in my Vlog on Youtube, if I didn’t say I have a Youtube channel I am so sorry. Link below :

I learnt a lot at their Warehouse, like how many different flushers you can get even a digital one as well as designer drains. Please view the Vlog for more details and comment if you have questions.

Bathroom Ideas

From what I saw at Bella Bathrooms, a bathroom can look elegant, spacious, serene or even more scenic.

This bathroom where you have a big window or see through wall allows the nature to come in without bringing the nature in the actual bathroom –

For your scenic bathrooms it’s always best to go for natural colours like brown, white and black. You don’t necessarily need to use brown and it can be replaced with tasteful tones and accents of green or you have all four, I mean it’s really up to you. The plan is to make the bathroom feel more like you’re bathing outside and not your typical bath, basin and toilet.

This is absolutely stunning, it can be a cross between scenic and elegant. I believe there is always a way to make things look beautiful even if they haven’t been paired together before –
I believe a touch of gold can make any room look elegant, as long as it is used well and sparingly. White and black also seem to tie into elegance just as well –

I believe anything can look elegant as long as there is not too much of anything when it comes to colour or patterns, plain and darker usually goes really well in this case.

Any other bathroom ideas or interiors you’d like to discuss please let me know in the comments below.

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