Hello Artsies ❤️

I’m so sorry for the long time not posting, goodness I need to work on that. Seasons greetings to all of you my lovely Artsies.

Today’s colour is orange, I haven’t been the biggest fan for this colour however I do think every colour has a thing about it that you can incorporate into your home.

The psychology of the colour orange is as below from the following website : https://www.thedesignsheppard.com/colour/colour-psychology-using-orange-in-interiors

A true orange is about fun, joy, and playfulness. It encourages social interaction in a fun, conversational way. Orange is also the colour that stimulates the appetite. Whilst it is often stated that red stimulates the appetite, this is more to do with colour in culture. In Chinese restaurants for example they often use red tablecloths because red symbolizes good fortune. They are hoping their diners eat more to bring in more wealth.

Orange also represents physical comfort, and expresses the feelings of abundance. Tangerine Tango has a higher percentage of red so this creates a livelier, more energised feeling as I mentioned previously.

Ok well this is interesting, this statement basically tells me to incorporate orange in either my lounge, my gaming room(when I get one) or maybe the gym(then again it says an energized feeling then also says stimulates appetite, not trying to be hungry in the gym).

This works because it is accented, any bright colour can be accented to change the mood and warmth of a room.

This is beautiful, it however would not be my first choice of colour because orange is stated psychologically as an appetite stimuli. Eating dinner or lunch here wouldn’t be a great idea unless you’re trying to gain weight.

This is a lovely idea, going back to where the colour orange represents being livlier and energetic. In the morning coming down those stairs won’t be the same again, we’d be more excited for the day ahead.


As you can see above, a gaming room would look stunning in orange and since psychologically it stimulates social interaction and fun any adult should naturally enjoy.

Let me know in the comments below where else you think the colour orange could work.

Be more Artsy ❤️