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Yes it’s been a while and I’m so so sorry.

Today we have a little something different to discuss, so I did a review on some ceramic items I’m selling for a Maggie this side in the busy city of Johannesburg.

I posted the review on my Youtube channel, click on picture below to see video –

I absolutely love Maggie’s work, I’m going to help out with ideas of how to use the ceramics as decor or practical items.

Above is the 14cm ceramic tile, which can be used as a tile in your kitchen or bathroom. Examples below with less personalised tiles –

You could also use them for dinner parties as a “placing item” or trivet for hot pots or kettles, examples below –

Or simply as wall decor

The other ceramics Maggie sells are plates and smaller round or octagonal plates, which can also be used as decor or plates that you eat off of.

Above is the rest of Maggie’s ceramics, if you’d like more info scroll up and watch my Youtube video then mail me when you decide to buy ?

Short and sweet because video says everything, if you have questions comment below.

Be more Artsy ❤️