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So I was invited to the 30 Year Birthday Party of Carrol Boyes however I was unable to go because of the way my life is structured. I was, and still am, gutted by the fact that I didn’t go.

As I stated in my previous blog on Carrol Boyes, her imagination and the way she makes her items elegant yet so connected to the human body and its curves, is fascinating. I absolutely admire her tenacity of being able to quit her job and start up a business with something she loves. To be able to sell 70 000 items a year by her 3rd year in business, yes you heard me right, 70 000. It’s astonishing, usually as people we don’t put that much energy into what we love and I commend her for it.

In 2019 Carrol Boyes is selling her items in 27 countries, has 22 wholly-owned stand-alone stores and 3 franchises. She partnered with her brother John Boyes of Barnard Boyes to launch the Carrol Boyes wine collection, then worked with Gary Welgemoed in 2018 for the launch of the Carrol Boyes chocolates (whew!). Carrol Boyes now sells over 1000 different products, if that isn’t going to motivate you to go on and do what you love then I don’t know what will.

Below are pictures of the beautiful scarf collection that Carrol Boyes has released, still keeping her love for the human form, her signature design and appreciation of nature of course. You can click on the link in the picture for further details from the Carrol Boyes website.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of these designs, which will surely turn your wardrobe into elegance, poise and style all at once.

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