Hi Artsies ❤️

I wanted to post a blog about car interiors for a change because not only can your personality come out in your home, but in your car as well. It’s amazing what you can do with your car to make it feel more like it is portraying your personality and here are a few ideas I have come across.

The Bentley has always been one of my favourite cars, however I really started loving car Interiors once I saw some and realized they can be adjusted to my liking.

Absolutely stunning, this colour would work outside the car as well, just remember there is such a thing as overdoing it


This is a lot of blue! Having a favourite colour is one thing, however you need to know how to pair it and how much of it to use


Another thing I’ve noticed for you lovers of brighter colours, those can go inside your car more as accented colours instead of just the colour by itself everywhere.

Clearly overbearing like looking straight into the sun, this would look amazing accented


This is a beautiful amount of yellow


Something that you can also think about when choosing your car interior, remember it’s the same thing I explained with the colours in my blog called Colour vs. Feeling (http://interiors.artsyuntold.co.za/2017/07/31/colour-vs-feelings/). It all has to do with psychology and how the colour makes you feel without you realizing it.

You need to make sure you know how long you will be in your car daily as well as how you’d like to feel in your car. No use choosing a red knowing you have anger issues or you love food, road rage will really get to you or you’ll always be at Mc D’s drive through.

Absolutely stunning colour, I’d use less of it however


Remember to choose a good shade of the colour because even the different shades affect us differently psychologically. Better yet go for elegance which from my point of view includes your natural colours, you can never go wrong there.

This colour makes me want to take a road trip literally anywhere


Another example of an amazing brown, this colour says “I’ve made it in life and don’t need anything more!”

This is stunning, black is never an overkill (as long as there’s even the smallest amount of colour to accent)


Most of the cars in the pictures are those that I would like to have in my under ground garage, I’ll show you the house plan once it’s done promise. I just really can’t wait to give every single one of my cars a touch of Artsy.

Let me know what ideas you have for your car interiors (since I only touched on colour) in the comments below.

Be more Artsy ❤️