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Today I will be having a little chat to you about mansions. I particularly don’t like them because of all the horror movies I’ve seen(vivid imagination), however I believe the convenience of having everything in one place would make me happy. And I mean EVERYTHING from your movie theaters, to your tennis courts, to your gaming rooms, to your bowling alleys, to your backyard cottages that look like a whole other house. Hmmm… The dream!

How practical is a mansion though? What is the actual point of having 12 bedrooms knowing very well there’s only 4 of you!? Lol! I don’t get it, personally if I did that best know everyone close to me is living in that house. Also I don’t want to have to phone call you just to find you, I’m the shouting type.

This looks more like a castle out of a fairytale. Anyway less bashing more appreciation. A year ago I designed a 6 bedroom house for my cousin, we’re still in the thought processes but my goodness that kid is flashy.

Always a good idea in a house that’s too big(aka mansion), have 2 kitchens never hurt anyone.

If having a mansion meant going downstairs to this… Then yes given the money being available, yes. I would want to build it myself however mainly because I don’t like the process of renovating(I’ll explain this in a future blog). I’m obsessed with colour and this is perfect, the one place that can be neon, metallic and have decorative lighting at the same time. Colour like this usually bring up senses of fun and a change of scenery from a normal looking home.

Another must have for me would be a in home gym. I absolutely love exercising in the moment however the build up thoughts are what keep me from it. For example the times to go to the gym so that I have enough time to get home and cook or needing a shower afterwards or even being worried how I look(yes I worry about what I’m wearing to gym, don’t judge). This is beautiful also because of the outdoors feel to it, being the wooden floors and the window that shows the garden greenery which is also reflected on the mirrors, giving one a feeling of being outdoors.

A court is always dependent on what sport you love to play whether it be tennis or basketball, however whether it’s one of the courts or both it’s a great way to stay in shape outdoors and build your own teams at home. By this blog I’m sure you can already tell that I’m not the biggest traveler, yes I like going to other places however I also absolutely love the option to be at home and do the same thing.

Not forgetting the library, I don’t know who is happy without books. I really love the way the above was designed in a way where you still have the Persian rug, the leather bulky couch and the fire place, yet there are elements that can be replaced to go with your preference in the 21st Century. And reading is awesome!

Let me know below in the comments what else you would add to your mansion.

Be more Artsy ❤️