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Today the blog is about my favourite colour, blue?. My favourite colour is robin egg blue particularly(the same blue used on Tiffany boxes). I’m absolutely obsessed with this colour, I mean look?.

American Robin eggs

I started loving the colour as a child when I was continuously being told that pink is for girls and I kept wondering why isn’t blue for girls too, I actually am not too fond of the colour pink however that is another story altogether.

Anyway before I start only writing about Robin Egg Blue and how amazing it is, we will continue with the original Blue in all it’s shades and apprises(see what I did there, instead of shapes and sizes? Lol).

Blue psychology as per the link below which explains a few colours :

There is a reason why blue is the perfect color for bedrooms. It instills a sense of serenity and peace and can be a very soothing color.

This is an amazing mix of colours. Please never make everything one colour, it’ll always turn out as an over powering negative emotion instead of what it is meant to do. I love the white and navy blue feel. I’m not one who likes seeing dirt and white gets dirty quick(unless you are a neat freak, which I am not), so I would go for a light grey rather than white.

Example – slightly more pale however still calming :

I love the rustic feel in the above picture.

In bathrooms, it can be used for creating a spa like tranquil atmosphere. This cool, quiet and reserved color can also represent formality.

My obsession with this blue with the white wood on the lower half of the wall, I feel like people always want to restrict decor to obvious things like tile everywhere. Please be innovative, google what you want and you’d be shocked at what you find.

I believe tranquility and calmness needs to also be in the room we’re mostly in at home, the lounge.

Example – See the rustic feel again :

Even if it’s not on the walls or on the furniture itself, it can always be accented in the rug and scatter cushions which can be switched when seasons change as well(you can check my previous post for colour ideas – http://interiors.artsyuntold.co.za/2017/07/31/colour-vs-feelings/ and I will clarify in detail in a future post).

Example : I love the wood on the wall/tv stand? :

And again white is not my colour, it’s beautiful to the eye but not to the wash.

I will be posting all these colours again with furniture and accessories, because if I do it in one post then you’ll be reading a book.

For now this is my post on Blue Loving because I love me some blue?.

Thank you for reading Artsies❤