Hi Artsies?

Sorry for not posting in like forever, still working on having everything in a planner and sticking to what needs to be done weekly or daily. So bad at that!

Anyway I missed you guys so much ?

Ok so today’s post is on Yellow Inspiration in line with the beautiful season of Spring coming up in 2 weeks, I cannot wait! Everything in this post will go from explaining the feeling of what the colour yellow gives us to wonderful ways to incorporate it in your home or work place. I personally do not like the colour but I mean it’s close enough to gold so I will deal lol.

According to the following link, yellow is as below – https://www.colorpsychology.org/yellow/

It means happiness and optimism; it is the color of sun shining, or bright light and creativity. It is believed to have an influence on the left side of our brain, where deep thinking and perception dwells.

I mean :

This is gorgeous! Then again they say too much yellow or the wrong shade can be bad, explained in the same link as above –

But if the color is too faded it might mean lack of confidence. Dark yellow, the color of the cynic and complainer, represents the presence of melancholy, lack of love and even depression.

Like :

This room needs more shades of white just to balance it a bit, this is blinding even if yellow improves concentration and thinking more clearly however I believe less is more and still effective.

I love the fact that the colour yellow can clear the mind, I would definitely put it in the study(moderately).

Example :

This is beautiful and colourful for kids, I would even use this?

For adults maybe more like this :

Still stylish. Not too much yellow, however there is just enough to have a good working space.

After writing this I actually think I like yellow a bit more, maybe I’ll incorporate it where I study.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, all comments welcome.

Be more Artsy ❤