Hi Artsies,

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog and I am really sorry to you my Artsies.

I’m going to be giving you ideas of decor for Halloween. Now I know most of you don’t even celebrate this holiday however it is a fun way for children as well as adults to unwind, depending what your niche is.

Not even that much needs to be spent on Halloween, literally you can use old rags for decor maybe colour them black, white or orange then create decoration pieces that your kids or your artistic friends can help with.

Here are a few examples to feed your curiosity –

Small things like decorating your stairs,

cut outs like the above can be a nice addition,

you can even buy or rent small objects from costume shops or CNA and

some door decor like the above.

Once done you call your friends, have some good music, food, drinks and voila you have completed your own Halloween party.

Hope you enjoyed Artsies‚̧