Hi Artsies,

What does Freedom Day make you think about? I feel we’re in a day and age where we aren’t where we could be with “Freedom” per say, like freedom of speech, freedom of expression and even just freedom of association. We’ve got such a long way to go as a country and as the entire world, however we do need to be greatful about how far we’ve come.

Associating anything to do with the past or the struggle can be portrayed through interior design.

A simple picture on the wall(It doesn’t have to Madiba),

quotes by someone who inspires you,

using furniture that is hand-made or supporting local businesses can be part of this as not everything needs to be modernized. Please also learn the history about what you’re buying to decorate your home, you might end up buying something that in the background of making it doesn’t support your beliefs.

Let me not go over board with the traditional furniture topic, will be doing that on Heritage Day. Can’t wait ?

Happy belated Freedom Day❤

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