Hi Artsies,

I know I know I haven’t posted in forever, so much to say not enough time. For those who have subscribed, you are awesome 😀

Anyway to the topic at hand, as you can see its about libraries and how to incorporate them into your home. I believe reading and learning are one of the fundamental needs as a human. I mean do you like being the same unknowing human as you were before or do you want to be able to add to a topic or teach someone else something. I know I do because I’m a know it all and I prefer fiction however this is not about me.

You know a library can be built in any sort of way as it is just a shelve or compartment to keep your books. If you’re like me and want pretty looking things well here’s a few ideas I found quite interesting.

How about you integrate your staircase with your bookcase(this one saves space, could even put a small comfortable couch in the corner)

or wardrobe(I like this one because of how enclosed it is, one could get lost in books here)

or your couch(now this is space, I’d however create a more comfortable chair with a drape that covers the books for that hidden effect)

or even your bed.

Easy access learning I call it. You can even do it yourself because I think anyone who has a creative mind and loves reading just like me wouldn’t find it very difficult to create such spaces. Simply call your handyman of an uncle(lol), google some pictures then tweak here and there then we have book fun haha.

Thanks for reading Artsies ❤