I just relocated recently so I thought this would be a good second blog to write, just a few tips for the next time you relocate. Here’s how relocating is supposed to be done :

First and foremost get rid of what you do not need. Nobody likes a hoarder, its like constantly moving around with your past, just like being in any relationship and bringing up the past it will eventually hold you down. If you haven’t used it in more than a year, it doesn’t work or you’ve been planning for the longest time to use it or fix it. Get rid of it, yes some things hold sentimental value, but your memories will never die and should have never been about an object.

Second go to a supermarket and at the back by deliveries ask for boxes, they always have them from deliveries. Get enough tape and plastics as well because in boxes and plastivs your things will be much more than what you’re used to seeing in your cupboards at home. Having all of this before hand saves time and stress on the day of relocating.

Thirdly whichever day you will be moving ensure that you’ve done any shopping that needs to be done before for big things like furniture it depends on where you prefer delivery. However food its best to only do grocery shopping once you’ve moved due to access weight, I doubt you’d want to have problems trying to find space for your steak then again it is up to you and how easy you want the transition to be.

Lastly get your friends to help out with the move, I mean seriously what else are they there for!? Kidding however it is easier to get things done with someone you know, people who are trying to earn a living with what you’re asking them to do they will always try to squeeze the last of what you may have had from you. So work with friends and help them build their own businesses instead by remembering to pay them.

Hope this helps 🙂

I’ll post a follow up blog for what you can do with old furniture or if you want to change up your home decor after moving.

Stay Artsy❤