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Today we have a different sort of blog from previous blogs, Carrol Boyes has a new collection ?

First of all before we start with what I think of this new collection I’d like to express how much I love Carrol Boyes’ products. If you love art as much as I do, you will appreciate the creativity and transformation with every product. Yes, you can always see that the work is from Carrol Boyes with the attention to detail of the human form and nature which is visible in every product. I mean guys…

Basically you have usable art.

Now we go into detail of the new Ethereal Bath & Body Collection – Bath & Body_A5_booklet

Inspired by the human form and the natural world around us, Carrol Boyes proudly presents the Ethereal range of bath, body and home products. These fragrances are grounded in nature yet inspired by the intangible.

I’ve recently become crazy about nature, I probably have always been crazy about it however now I am able to show my love for it.

We live in such a busy world that home should calm us in more ways than one, the smell of nature can calm your soul. With the hand lotion you’d be tranquil throughout your day(keep one on your desk, one in your bag and one at home for control).

So Carrol Boyes uses oil in their room sprays, if you don’t know sprays come in either water based or oil based. Oil based is perfect for a longer term smell and a long lasting spray.

The other products in this collection are a diffuser, fragranced candle, fragrance soap and fragrance sachet which do more or less the same thing as the room spray. If you’re not like myself and want the whole collection, you can pick and choose from the above I just mentioned depending on your preferences. My advice – Spray in the bedroom, Diffuser in the lounge, Fragranced Soap in the bathroom/toilet and fragrance sachet under the sink in your kitchen. Done, you have an amazing mixture of scents of vanilla, musk and sandalwood with notes of jasmine, lavender and orange right from your kitchen straight to your bedroom.

I absolutely love that each product was made to smell alike :

All the scents associated with the Ethereal Bath & Body Collection are psychologically calming agents as per the links above, in this busy world we all need a little calmness.

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